About Us

About Us

Jean-François_Millet_(II)_001Hello and Welcome to the Traditional Catholic Homestead!  You’ve stumbled into a land of wishful thinking, stoic practicality, traditional reverence, and bleeding edge experimentation… or perhaps you’re here intentionally.  Either way THANK YOU!

Home of the Traditional Catholic Homestead
Home of the Traditional Catholic Homestead

We’ve created this site to tell the story of our journey as a  family to undertake the transition from a more or less typical American lifestyle to create a life of simplicity and abundance here in the wilds of North-Central Idaho.  We plan to document our observations, struggles, and successes with all who are willing to delve into this journey with us.  Our sincerest desire is to create a bit of a community where we can learn from each other, pass on what we’ve discovered and hopefully help others onto this path as well.

We are a household of three generations: five children, mom & dad,  and grandma.  Mom stays at home with the kids and homeschools, Dad works full time off the farm (for the time being) to pay the bills, and Grandma… well Grandma is the a big part of the glue that’s holding the whole thing together.  Without her none of this would be happening right now.  We all work together to make the homestead a reality.  We love the beauty of the Tridentine Mass, the truth in the teachings of traditional Catholicism, and look forward to the restoration and reunification of our faith.

traditional-Catholic-Papal-tiara-jpgOur end goal on this journey is to create a life of resilient abundance, where Mom, Dad, Kids, and Grandma are all in the home, working, and making the best life possible for everyone if things go bad or even if they don’t.  We want to help others on this journey as well.  So once again, thank you and welcome to this little window into our lives!


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  1. Hi i was wondering if you were part of the community in Idaho?
    I found a webpage for them but it has not been updated since 2012.
    My husband and i have been in discernment and were thinking of visiting.
    If you could please get back to me i would appreciate it. Thank you and God bless

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