Homesteading Must Have?—Scythes!!!

Homesteading Must Have?—Scythes!!!

The more I use the scythe the greater the appreciation I have for the versatility and tranquility of using this age old homestead standby.  I’m not talking that $5.00 yard sale find that looks like something from a grim reaper cartoon.  If you’re going to experiment with a scythe do yourself a favor and get one of the European or Austrian style scythes.  They’ll take a razor edge relatively easily and are feather weights compared to the more common American style that can be found easily at antique stores or buried in the back of an old barn someplace….these things are beasts, but if you manage to get a good edge on them they work pretty well!  The hard part is getting an edge on them.  Anyway I thought I’d share a good write on using and choosing a good scythe…..

Scythes are so complete and precise in their ability to effortlessly remove blade from stem that they encompass all the talent of weed whips and lawnmowers combined. One of my first essays for school was in fact a persuasive essay on why you should junk your lawnmower and get a scythe (yes I’ve been at […]

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  1. Where’s a source for these scythes? What degree angle are they supposed to have? As certain knives, like wire stripping, I think I heard a 45 degree angle. Then many knives have a 20 degree edge.

  2. The Scythe Connection, and Lehman’s are pretty good sources for purchasing as scythe. One Scythe Revolution and YouTube have been good sources of information on using sand maintaining scythes for us…

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