Building Soil With the Help of Weeds

Building Soil With the Help of Weeds

There comes a time for anyone who manages any sort of land resource when the decision of what to do about unwanted or undesired plant growth (aka “weeds”) needs to be made.  There are a couple different schools of thought on the subject.  They essentially boil down to to camps… either address the symptoms  (i.e. spray, pull, or poison the weeds) or you address the problems (i.e. determine what is causing the weed infestation and rectifying that situation).  I personally tend toward the latter, for multiple reasons.  I talk about some of the techniques we’re employing here at the Traditional Catholic Homestead in these posts:  Weeds, Thistles, Soil!

To that end I thought I’d share with you all a presentation from Vail Dixon of Simple Soil Solutions on actually working with nature to heal your soils with the help of weeds!  Vail is a wealth of information on building healthy pastures and healing your land quickly and with minimal inputs.  Check it out……



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