Why and When to Thin Your Apples….

Why and When to Thin Your Apples….

Well now that Spring has finally arrived up here on the homestead in North-Central Idaho the grass is growing and the apples are finally starting to bloom.  I don’t know about you but I’ve always kind of wondered how you can have so many apple blossoms and only have a few take hold and produce and actual apple!  Well here you go…..a beautiful explanation of the why, when, and how of thinning your apples………………….


I noticed one of the apples in the food forest had finished blooming and now had tons of tiny apples clustered on its branches. I took the situation in hand and started to pick them off. Five flowers form on each spur, leaving five small fruits after pollination. They naturally fall off, one by […]

via The why of fruit thinning — Mortal Tree


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  1. It’s really good stuff, when I read it is just had to share! Thanks for making it available to us….

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