Comfrey Propagation Video (by Spirko)

Comfrey Propagation Video (by Spirko)

It’s getting to be that time of the year when things are really starting to thaw out up north here and getting out to work the land and gardens is beginning to become a very real possibility on the old homestead!  We are still a couple month shy of our last frost though so I really have to be careful not to get too ambitious.  That’s where planting and propagating some of the more hardy perennials can hold a guy over until the growing season proper comes on.  Since the ground has thawed and is workable propagating comfrey is a real possibility.  I first watched this video from Jack Spirko (of The Survival Podcast fame) a couple years ago and it’s how I learned how easy it is to propagate comfrey.  I literally have dozens of plants now from just three little root pieces and I’m likely going to me propagating more so this year (so long as the vole-pocalypse didn’t wipe too much out!).  To learn how to propagate comfrey from root cuttings this video can’t be beat, to learn more about why you might want to propagate comfrey search some of our older posts.  Enjoy………


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