DIY Hydroponic Microgreen Fodder Video

DIY Hydroponic Microgreen Fodder Video

We’re experimenting with sprouted barley fodder as a feed supliment for our grassfed cattle and pastured dairy production on the homestead this winter.  We’re calling this fodder system 0.7, and there’s already improvements in the works for the upgrade!  Any how enjoy the tour of our current fodder  setup, and let me know in the comments section or email me ( ) if you would like a more in depth post on the specifics of how to build this fodder system yourself…..



2 thoughts on “DIY Hydroponic Microgreen Fodder Video

  1. Nice system set-up!
    Does the lowest level of trays drain unto the floor & into a drain? Does it leak water at the lowest level at all?

  2. The lowest level is lined with 6 mil plastic a couple inches below the trays and slopes to the outer edges. It drains into a couple of buckets that I empty out twice a day. Once we get the design and permanent location ironed out it will go into an actual drain and have a dedicated water line for the misters. No standing water on the grains at all, all the trays drain out.

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