Greenhouse & Hugelkulture Video Update (Aug 2016)

Greenhouse & Hugelkulture Video Update (Aug 2016)

Here is the promised video update of our greenhouse and a couple of the hugelkulture berms.  We had some setbacks in the greenhouse that delayed planting quite a bit, but those problems are solved now, so better late than never!  You’ll be able to really see the difference a year of establishment makes with the hugel berms.  We haven’t planted anything in the hugels this season and the production of the older berm is just phenominal!  Enjoy….


3 thoughts on “Greenhouse & Hugelkulture Video Update (Aug 2016)

  1. Beautiful, so full of life!
    Thanks for the greenhouse/ hugel update– inspiring!
    Peace and all good!

  2. I actually have that book. There are a lot of good ideas in there. Some of the things I used in my greenhouse are based loosely off of Oehler’s work. Digging down and creating the raised beds sort of emulate his cold sink ideas. I think I actually put a book review in on that Permies thread! I don’t recall the hugelkulture bioheat info, you probably sent it but I lost it. I’d like to read that one if you wouldn’t mind sending it….thanks!

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