More Local Talent……(Music)

More Local Talent……(Music)

OK so it’s the same talented family that we shared their music with you last time!  Their singing is just so great!!  This one is an awesome cover of the song “Far Over the Misty Mountains Cold” from The Hobbit…

Subscribe to their Youtube channel to get updates on their newest stuff.  Also they have an iTunes (iTunes Link: where you can buy all of their music!  Help to support this local talented family!



2 thoughts on “More Local Talent……(Music)

  1. Hello Homesteaders,
    My family is in Southern California. We are Traditional Catholics, lucky enough to have a wonderful, Independent Chapel to attend. My husband and I discuss relocating to Northern Idaho sometimes. We are just gathering information at this time but I am glad to have found your blog. God bless your family, Patricia

  2. Welcome Patricia! Your artwork is truly inspired, you have been blessed with quite a gift. My lovely wife is a transplant from Riverside originally and she is doing just fine, so don’t be intimidated by the weather! I’m sure you are aware of the thriving Trad communities up around the Post Falls/Coeur d’Alene areas. We’re a few hours south (though that is “officially” our parish), and I do know of several transplants up there from SoCal. The transition is doable so don’t be afraid and keep doing your homework, if it’s meant to be you will make it!!

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