Day 2, Halter Training the Heifer (Video)

Day 2, Halter Training the Heifer (Video)

I had to work today ( unfortunately off the homestead! )  so the girls got out and played cowboy!  They got the halter the rest of the way on Beatrice our American Milking Devon heifer and future milk cow.  They got it done way faster than I could have, and really did a heck of a job!….



Looks like I might have a cowgirl on my hands….or at least a milkmaid!


2 thoughts on “Day 2, Halter Training the Heifer (Video)

  1. Thanks for sharing! Such a lucky family!
    How many acres do you folks have?
    I’ve read it takes a bare, bare minimum of 5 acres to live off the grid. What are your thoughts?
    Also, traditional Catholicism really goes hand-in-hand with rural living. I think I discover something new every article I read about homesteading, and it doesn’t even have to be a Catholic article to see that the Divine plan fits in with it all. Even “prepping”.

  2. We have a little over 160 acres here. I’ve been working with eight acres for the last couple years, and I think that 5 acre number seems reasonable. I finished 3 steer and a bunch of chickens, plus my gardens on the eight acres last year! I think your dead on with the rural living and Traditional Catholicism, the plan IS for us to be on the land! Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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