Homestead Soil Health: Dr. Elaine Ingham (video)

Homestead Soil Health: Dr. Elaine Ingham (video)

The soil is the foundation of hemegrown, homestead nutrition.  For us to thrive we need to have healthy nutrient dense food, and the same is true of our livestock and gardens.  Our food and its nutrition is hands down the best medicine we can get.  All of this starts with having in place a properly functioning soil web, that will nourish our soil microbes (beneficial bacteria and fungi, etc.).  Dr Elaine Ingham is recognized as the foremost authority in this field, so I thought I would share a video of one her presentations with you guys as a bit of a primer on what the soil food web is and what you can expect to accomplish utilizing her techniques:

Going into the new year we are moving forward building self reliance and independence on The Traditional Catholic Homestead!  This all starts with the ground beneath our feet.  We’ll be using compost tea this spring to inoculate the soil with beneficial microorganisms, and applying a mineral supplement to the soil as well.  We hope to energize our soil life and boost our nutrition and health big time going forward on the homestead!


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  1. I think the seed bombs with companion plantings is a great idea during establishment phase. I like things that self sow, it really takes a lot of burden off when you’re super busy. Borage, cilantro, dill, and sunflowers are really working great for us in this area. I’ve added marigolds to the mix this year along with many culinary and medicinal herbs. Look for some update posts with a little video coming out soon. We’ve been super busy this spring/ early summer!

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