The New Milking Devons are Home! (video)

The New Milking Devons are Home! (video)

Well its been a week or so since we went and picked up the newest additions to the cattle operation on the Traditional Catholic Homestead, so I thought I might as well shoot a quick introductory video of the new kids.  We’ve added a bred cow, a heifer calf, and another bull calf to the herd!  I feel like we’re set for a while (especially on bulls!), but we’re super excited to bring in the dairy animals for the homestead!  We plan on doing some small scale dairying with these animals, and they should produce well with minimal inputs, no grain or energy supplements like some of the strictly dairy breeds often require.  The American Milking Devon is a bit of a living museum piece and we’re happy to help preserve these beautiful animals, plus I think they just might be the perfect homestead cow!  Time will tell.


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