More Cattle Coming to the Homestead!

More Cattle Coming to the Homestead!

That’s right we’re bringing in more cattle for the Traditional Catholic Homestead…you know for the winter!  I know it’s not really the best time to be bringing in more livestock for the homestead, but sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and strike when the iron is hot!  We’ve been considering getting a dairy animal of some sort for a while (especially since our source for Jersey milk dried up…literally!).  Well I’ve been seeing an add for some American Milking Devon for a while, and their fairly close by (6 hours), and they’re dairy, and they have a really cool back story, and….Well they wife and I are off first thing this morning to pick up one bred cow, a heifer calf, and a bull calf!  The American Milking Devon seems like a perfect candidate for homesteaders being a true tri-purpose breed(dairy, beef, & oxen).  They are said to produce a rich milk (on par with the Jersey), tasty well marbled meat, and thrive in less than ideal conditions….all this on nothing more than grass and forage.  Anyway I dug up this neat video about the American Milking Devon as a kind of introduction to the breed incase you’ve never heard of them (most people haven’t there’s only a couple thousand on the planet, and we are going to have the only heard in Idaho), well enjoy…

Oh and don’t worry I’ll be posting more on our actual cattle once we get them home, the breed, and our plans for these living museum pieces latter!!!


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