Raw Milk Safety & Production (Mercola Video)

Raw Milk Safety & Production (Mercola Video)

Here’s a nice interview by Dr. Mercola with Holistic Vet. Will Winter.  There’s a lot of good info here everything from raw milk to herd and flock management using herbals….and more!  Really good stuff so I thought I’d share it with you.  (Thanks to Steve at Triangle C Beef for sending this out)  Enjoy!!!


One thought on “Raw Milk Safety & Production (Mercola Video)

  1. Time out, folks. As a libertarian, I don’t think the sale or use of raw milk should be outlawed, BUT, this guy starts out with several, say we say, untruths:

    (a) Pasteurization only heats the milk up to 160degF and does absolutely nothing to denature any constituent of the milk so there is absolutely nothing different about Pasteurized vs raw milk in terms of nutritional value. Period. Any other opinion is based on fantasy, not science. [That temp is just high enough to markedly slow down bacterial growth. It doesn’t actually sterilize the milk. That’s why you still have to refrigerate it.]

    (b) About 10% of people of northern European extraction, 70% of Mediterranean extraction 85% of other Africans and 90% of orientals cannot live solely on milk as he claims: lactase deficiency would cause chronic diarrhea resulting in malabsorption and malnutrion.

    These two untruths makes anything else he says questionable. [After hearing those two things, I didn’t really listen to the rest. One exception disproves the rule. Here we have two to start with.

    If you insist on using raw milk, remember that its relativley safe when used soon after milking and that any pathogens present are probably in too low a concentration to provide an infectious innoculum. I wouldn’t trust it if you buy it from a store where it has been stored for more than a few hours. It would be just a matter of time before you eventually would get an infectious disease. Travel at your own risk.

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