Grass Beef Progress July 2015

Grass Beef Progress July 2015

I made a quick video of the Devon cattle (I don’t think they appreciated the publicity, you’ll see what I mean!):

And I went a picked up the cut and wrapped beef from the butcher today.  This is two of the grass fed/finished bald faced steers that I finished off this spring.  The butcher said the meat was pretty lean, but he still gave me a 20 gallon garbage sack full of extra fat that we are going to render down or use to mix with deer for burger this fall.  This picture is all of the meat and some dog bones in the back of my 1 ton, long bed truck.  It’s filled up pretty full!

Grass fed beef
700 pounds plus of grass fed and finished beef!

We now have two full freezers of beef, and some stew meat that we are going to process in the pressure canner for shelf stable storage.


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