Greenhouse Video Tour July 2015

Greenhouse Video Tour July 2015

I tried to get a full tour of the garden and greenhouse, but the phone overheated so it kind of trailed off as I was going into the greenhouse.  Enter part 2, the greenhouse tour.  This thing’s been working out pretty well for us so far in three seasons.  I can finally grow my own tomatoes!  A 90 day growing season and cool nights don’t really lend themselves to good tomato production, but with this thing I’ve finally done it!  (I’m from Cali, I like me some good ripe, fresh tomatoes… sorry can’t give ’em up)  I’m trying some fast growing/short season sweet potatoes in there this year too (figured I might as well, right?!?).  I’ve even landed a resident humming bird and a couple snakes have taken up residence as well.  All in all not a bad little microenvironment.  Enjoy the tour:





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  1. I’ve never heard of borage. Looks like a great hummingbird/bee attractor. Does it self propagate? What do you do with it? Teas? Does it grow well outside your greenhouse as well?

  2. Borage is a great attractor of pollinators that self seeds easily and grows great inside the greenhouse or outside. It’s pretty hardy and transplants well. It’s good in teas or added to soups as a pot herb. Maybe I’ll do a more in depth post on borage this week. Thanks for the idea!

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