Wild Crafting Your Homestead Harvest

Wild Crafting Your Homestead Harvest

The ability to identify and utilize food that is growing wild on your property and in your community (or wherever you happen to find yourself) is on of those more advanced homesteading skills that

Wild crafting habitat supreme!
Wild crafting habitat supreme!

should rank pretty high in the to-do list.  Wild crafting is another one of those Catholic prepping tools that need to honed and kept sharp in case of emergency as well.  In life, and especially in the homestead life, a penny saved is a penny earned.  For our family the hands down biggest single monthly expense is food.  Granted we try to eat well, a lot of things from scratch, organic or better if we can, and minimal processed products.  With that in mind if you are able to replace any portion of that expense by simply wondering off onto your property with a sack and some scissors and come back with a grocery bag full of food, well then that is a money making proposition.  There is also a thriving market for wild crafted herbs and medicinals that you could tap into for extra cash.

Wild harvesting miners lettuce
Delicious, nutritious, and Free! Miner’s Lettuce.

Wild crafting is one of those skills that translates into multiple disciplines from homesteading, to survival and prepping.  Not to mention if you can whip up a gourmet meal at elk camp just from a bunch of stuff you picked up while you were out hunting you’ll be almost as popular as the guy with the honey whiskey!  With all that being said I found a pretty nifty info-graphic that lists some of the more common wild edibles that can be found just about

Wild edible dandelion
Dandelion is the bane of many a lawn, but this wild edible is plentiful and nutritious.

anywhere you find yourself:


This might take a second to open up, but it is worth the wait.  It

Wild crafting wild strawberries
Wild strawberries are easy to identify and can be found across the country.

lists information on how to identify and use several of the more common wild edibles that you are sure to find on your homestead.  I printed off copies of this and gave it to my older kids and sent them off to go collecting.  It made for a quick and useful homeschool assignment as well as a nice lunch!  This tool is really that simple to use that a nine and twelve year old can be trusted to accurately identify and harvest the edible portions of the listed plants without much in the way of supervision.

To purchase the complete Wild Edibles Package from these folks you can goto their store by clicking here, or save this address for later: http://www.scubbly.com/item/99399/?affid=9081.  They seem like good folks, and their product is fantastic!



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