7 Internet resources for the Traditional Catholic Homesteader

7 Internet resources for the Traditional Catholic Homesteader

Today I’m going to share with you my top seven goto, internet resources for inspiration, education, and collaboration on the Traditional Catholic Homestead!


1) TraditionalCatholicPriest.com: Father Carota is fighting the goodTraditional Catholic Priest Logo fight, bringing tradition back into our holy churches.  He suffers greatly, but pushes on and is blessed mightily.


2) Charles Carroll Society: The Bard can be a little edgy at times, but he seems strong in his faith, and is walking a similar path.  He covers a wide variety of topics from Traditional Catholicism, to politics, homesteading, prepping, and beyond.

3) New Catholic Land Movement: Kevin Ford introduced me to the idea of Distributism, along with the history of the Catholic Land Movement.  He is an aspiring small farmer/homesteader and family man.  I appreciate his honesty and candor of his successes and failures.  He created a small online community with the associated forums alongside his main page.

4)The goofballs @ Permies.com: Permies is the largest online permaculture forum on the web, and my inspiration/introduction into the world of permaculture.  The community there is massive and diverse, just pop in and ask anything someone will have an answer.  The moderators on the site a great, strictly adhering to a policy of be nice or your gone!permies logo

5) Survival Podcast: Modern survivalism from Jack Spirko!  Jack is an anarchist, and deist, so I don’t agree with him on those fronts, but he is highly knowledgeable, in everything from permaculture, to investing, and even ducks!  He does his homework well.  If he warns you of impending crisis you better listen.  His subject matter is diverse and accurate.

6) St. Isidore Society community permaculture farms:  Fine St IsidoreCatholic folks doing good work in the Denver, CO metro area.  This is the first site I found of Catholics with boots on the ground applying permaculture and living strong Catholic values.

7) Finally I’m giving a nod to our friends over at Industrious Families:  The site is just getting started, but I really like their premise of holiness emanating from a strong family bond.  They are good family oriented folks with a staunch Catholic faith.


4 thoughts on “7 Internet resources for the Traditional Catholic Homesteader

  1. i saw this and thought it might be something for you to consider in your efforts to have the truth about Catholicisms happening what is funny is you are already just starting out. If I find other methods to help you do you want me to send them to you? There are several out there but I know space is limited on a computer system and time runs short when taking care of ones land. Love your story about your training cattle. Sandra

  2. Thanks Sandra, this looks pretty interesting, but like you said we’re just starting out ourselves so it doesn’t seem like something we’d be interested in doing right now. I am a glutton for info though so I’d be happy to have your help in our journey! Thanks.

  3. Here you go some new ideas


    Have you ever heard about keyhole gardening method. It has some merit since in is designed with self-composting.

    another source of energy..

    I have thought about creating mud pies with all of those who live together in one pie.

    somewhere on this electronic box is a free book I download from a guy in Japan who has a different point of view about weeds too. I keep searching and I send you the link. I think there is guy by the name of Albrecht who really understood weeds and what they are signalling to rest of the world. I will check for the spelling of their names and post those links later. By the way the Texas bluebonnets have just started to bloom and the birds are really singing. I will state that one of the wisest gardeners out there said you are safe to plant most things in an area after Easter so since it is early this year it is something to consider.

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