Sheet Mulch: Garden Fertility by the Numbers

Sheet Mulch: Garden Fertility by the Numbers

Sheet mulch is a great way to get a new garden bed started or to rehab an old weedy bed.  I created this simple infographic as a visual how-to so you can easily explain what you are doing to someone who is new to the idea of sheet mulch.

The best time to start a new bed is in the fall so it can mature over the winter, but as with most things there is no time like the present.  If you decide to make a new sheet mulch garden area in the spring just be aware that small seeds like lettuce or carrots won’t germinate very well.  Large seeds like squash and melons should do just fine though, as will transplants.  We’re looking into the prospect of sheet mulching our entire front yard here at the Traditional Catholic Homestead.  The idea is to get rid of the thistle lawn and replace it with beds of flowers, herbs, medicinals, and maybe some perennial berries.  Nothing is for certain at this point, but laying down a sheet mulch is a great technique to get something like this done.

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