Opening our hearts to the move…Part II

Opening our hearts to the move…Part II

It was on this particular morning that I truly submitted my will to God’s will for our family.  Dave and I had been married for just over 8 years with 3 children (the youngest not yet a year old) at that time.  My father, who had passed away the year Dave and I began dating had suffered many strokes.  Toward the end of his life he was in a wheelchair and couldn’t use his right side, lost almost all of his ability to talk and part of his vision.  Other than keeping up with the OJ Simpson trial, he relentlessly watched EWTN and sat in front of my mother’s pictures of the Sacred and Immaculate Hearts of Jesus and Mary.  I think he really talked with them as he couldn’t communicate with us.  He definitely had a relationship with them and often times he would point to the images, nod his head and say “yes, yes”.  It was as if he knew that they were taking care of him and that they would also take care of us if we trusted in the Jesus and His Beloved Mother.


As I sat there that morning in front of the images I prayed to the Sacred and Immaculate Hearts that they would give us an answer to our questions.  Where should we go?  What should we do?  And just at few hours later the call came.  Dave had an interview the next morning in North Central Idaho.  But there was a slight problem, we lived in California over 13 hours away.  I called Dave right away at work, he got the okay from his boss to take off.  He came home and we packed up the family and took off for Idaho.  We drove until we couldn’t go any further, which was about 2/3 of the way.  Completely exhausted, we found a motel room and were able to catch a few hours of sleep.  Still about 4 hours away from our destination we started out.  We were a little confused with the timing because what we didn’t realize was that only part of Idaho is Mountain Time and some of it is still Pacific Time.  To be continued…


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