Opening our hearts to the move…Part I

Opening our hearts to the move…Part I

My husband and I are California natives.  I, myself am a sixth generation and Dave a second generation Californian.  I personally loved California for several reasons.  I liked the warm summers, long growing seasons and anything we needed was close at hand such as shopping, activities and most important, family.  We also had several close priest friends we visited with often that would soon be missedMurillo_2-Trinities_NGL_1675-82.  I had no intentions of ever leaving until I met my husband in college.  He had lived for a short time in Southern Idaho and had travelled through Idaho and the surrounding states.  He had often talked about his desire to move back after we were married.  And slowly…very slowly I was being swayed by this thought.  Of course, God was working on us both, He had His plan for us, He was molding us to His will.

It was after some hard times that my mind was truly opened to going wherever God wanted us to go, not where I thought we should.  We had to go through bankruptcy, seasonal jobs and a county job that for many reasons Dave was totally disgusted with to open our hearts to a move.  Also, it didn’t hurt that my brother and sister-in-law and their children had recently sold their home in California and moved to Idaho.  Not knowing exactly where they were going to live, they took a leap of faith.  They had also talked much about moving to Idaho and had taken several trips to scout it out.  When we learned that the quick sale of their home and a move to Idaho was in their very near future, Dave began looking for jobs close to their new place.  He began applying right away.  (to be continued…)


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