What we’re all about here

What we’re all about here

So what exactly are we up to here on our Traditional Catholic Homestead? First off, welcome and thanks for visiting with a couple of Catholic homesteaders! Secondly to address what the plan for this site is: Blogging and sharing information about homeschooling (we’re a homeschool family), gardening, small scale paddock shift livestock(cattle, chickens, and swine), living off the land (hunting, fishing, and wildcrafting), permaculture techniques, Libertarian politics, Distributist economics, the beauty and tradition of the Tridentine Rite (Extraordinary Form of the Holy Mass), Traditional Catholic values, and how this all fits together!


Special thanks to the blogosphere for inspiration to start our own site, from the likes of:

Father Carota at Traditional Catholic Priest

Kevin Ford at New Catholic Land Movement

and The Bard at Charles Carroll Society

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