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Homestead Healing…Wound Salve


Our trusty family milk cow, Dori, came to us with a wound near her udder that just doesn’t want to fully heal. She’s healthy, happy, and producing well, but it’s been a couple months, a vet visit, and a few hundred gallons of milk and the pesky sore just doesn’t want to finish healing up. We don’t generally resort to antibiotics for this sort of thing, and we need the milk so we’re trying multiple routes to get her healed up.

Enter one of our favorite holistic/herbal healing companions, The Complete Herbal Handbook for Farm and Stable by Juliette de Bairacli Levy. The original text was published in 1954, but […]

American Milking Devon Cattle…Profile of A Traditional Homestead Cow



I’m not sure if you’ve picked up on this yet or not, but I am a big believer that everything on the homestead should be performing more than one function. From plants, to people, to livestock if you’re only providing for one function on the farm, well then you’re just slacking. Everyone must pull their weight! This brings to mind the traditional role of cattle on the farm. A family cow is just one of those iconic images that spring immediately to mind when I think of a traditional homestead. Every farm had a cow, and for good reason. Traditionally the family cow would provide for dairy, beef, and […]

Tree Guilds for increased yields with less work!


If you want more production with less work try out using permaculture tree guilds to lay our your next planting. Learn how to have healthier plants with no weeding or fertilizing all the while harvesting more! […]

Sheet Mulching Our Front Yard!

Sheet Mulch

I wrote a while back about our battle with thistles on the homestead. One of my strategies for dealing with them on a small scale had been sheet mulch. We started the first section of the transformation of the front “lawn” last fall, so I thought I would share with you guys what we’ve learned and what we were able to accomplish….


We made some adjustments for phase two based on some observations and we’re hoping to optimize the system with the temporary addition of a giant blue tarp….


Hope you guys enjoy these, and learn with us in this process.

Musing on the Apocalypse — Traditional Catholic Priest

I don’t know when Jesus is going to return in glory. I don’t even think that Satan knows when Jesus is going to return in glory. But the angelic intellect (even a fallen one) is probably better at recognizing the signs that will precede Christ’s second coming (cf. St. Matthew ch. 24.) Is Satan going…

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Greenhouse & Hugelkulture Video Update (Aug 2016)


Here is the promised video update of our greenhouse and a couple of the hugelkulture berms. We had some setbacks in the greenhouse that delayed planting quite a bit, but those problems are solved now, so better late than never! You’ll be able to really see the difference a year of establishment makes with the hugel berms. We haven’t planted anything in the hugels this season and the production of the older berm is just phenominal! Enjoy….

Homestead Update Aug 2016


I know it’s been a while since we’ve put out some content, so I thought it would be appropriate to start things off again with a little homestead update:

We’ve had a pretty busy spring, spent a lot of time working on our cattle systems, building fence, shifting paddocks, and trying to get the coriography of rotational grazing down. We’ll be splitting the heard and putting the bulls out to breed the cows here shortly, and weening a heifer or two in the process.

We picked up a family milk cow this spring along with another heifer calf. They’re Jerseys, so the milk is rich and phenominal. All grass of […]

More Music from our Friends

Today we have another installment of wonderful music from a local family “The Song of Durin” from the Hobbit movie:

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Importance of Restoring Grasslands (Infographic)



Livestock Guardian Dogs For the Homestead

Great Pyrenees Puppy

Here in the remote reaches of North-Central Idaho raising livestock, like chickens, pigs, sheep or even cattle can be quite the ordeal! It is part of our moral responsibility to give our animals the best possible life until it comes time to harvest. Each species requires different elements for them to express their unique God given pigness or cowness or chickness… or whatever, but one thing they all have in common is not being eaten or harassed by predators before their designated departure from this earth to our freezer or someone else’s! This is where the livestock guardian comes into play. There are many schools of thought on the subject, […]